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With all of us adapting to the current health crisis in the world today, it is important to get your information from reliable sources to protect yourself and your family.  I recommend getting your facts about COVID-19 right from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) at the following link:

Please know that I am able to work from home as usual and I am available to assist anyone by phone, computer and by mail if necessary without meeting face to face.  I have the tools that I need to service my existing business, write new business and help you get answers to your questions.  Please feel free to contact me if you need assistance.

Please stay calm, practice stress relief and stay safe.  I have faith that this will pass.


John J. Harford, Jr.

412-782-4120 (office)

412-980-0837 (mobile)


Appointed Insurance Companies for Individual health plans in Western Pennsylvania: UPMC & Highmark



Appointed Insurance Companies for Group health plans in Western Pennsylvania: UPMC, Highmark & United Healthcare



John J. Harford, Jr. is an independent insurance broker licensed to write life and accident & health insurance in the state of Pennsylvania.


If your home or business is located in Pennsylvania, call or email John J. Harford, Jr. directly regarding your group or individual life and health insurance coverage.

John Harford Insurance Pittsburgh


This video presentation describes the rules for Medicare regarding enrollment periods, the different types of plans, the rules on changing coverages, the possible penalties that can be assessed for late enrollments, and how to best compare plans that are available in your area.


John Harford Insurance

Pittsburgh, PA

(412)  782 - 4120

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